Academy Philosophy


What is the Vocal Jazz Academy?

The Vocal Jazz Academy is a one-day event open to all that strives to educate and connect vocal jazz educators and students as they prepare for the new school year. Teachers are welcome to attend on their own, send their students - or bring their whole choir with them (group rates are available)!

In addition to all-Academy sessions, teachers and students are placed into tracks tailored to their needs.

Teacher Track session offerings can include:

  • New Music Reading Session
  • Teacher Mass Choir
  • Rehearsal Techniques
  • Rhythm Section Techniques
  • Sound Engineering 101

Student Track session offerings can include:

  • Student Mass Choir
  • Solo Singing Master Class
  • Audition Techniques
  • Choir Techniques
  • Vocal Percussion

and many more! Each Academy is customized to fit the needs of the local vocal jazz community.

What is our mission?

- To support and equip vocal jazz educators in their continuing educational journey 

- To reach out to and educate students in vocal jazz regardless of experience level

- To emphasize a variety of skills in both jazz choir and jazz solo performance

- To emphasize the importance of developing secondary skills like jazz piano, improvisation, working with a rhythm section, music technology, sound engineering, and arranging

- To provide a sound foundation of and appreciation for the traditions of jazz while actively seeking to evolve the music in today’s culture


We strive to create a comfortable learning environment for teachers, singers, players, and sound engineers to learn from vocal jazz professionals - and each other!


Our mission is to assist in strengthening the local and area vocal jazz community, and encourage connection to the larger networks (JEN, ACDA, etc).

2019 Academy Locations