The Director Summit is a one-day (9 AM – 4 PM) workshop for a small group of teachers that includes:

  • Reading sessions specific to vocal jazz and a cappella repertoire of all levels
  • Skill workshops on rehearsal techniques, teaching improvisation/solo singing, conducting, sound engineering, recording, and much more
  • A “teacher choir” experience with the goal of recording at day’s end
  • Brainstorm sessions for future local vocal jazz events, collaborations, etc.
  • Potential planning for a full Vocal Jazz Academy with teacher and student tracks

Interested in hosting a Director Summit?

Director Summit events are generally scheduled from 9 AM – 4 PM on a Friday or Saturday. Participants can register on this website when events become available.

Hosts provide one medium- to large-sized choir room or stage with a full sound system, piano, and classroom projector, and local lunch options. Online registration and reading packets provided.

Minimum 10 pre-registered teachers, price TBD. Professional Development or other credits can be arranged.

Train, equip, and connect your local community of vocal jazz educators! Open to middle school, high school, college, and community directors of ALL experience levels. 



Interested in hosting? Let’s connect!

Sample Schedule

9:00 AM – Summit Welcome / Coffee & light snacks

9:30 AM – Reading Session 1

10:00 AM – Topic 1: Solo Styling

10:30 AM – BREAK

10:45 AM – Teacher Choir Rehearsal 1

11:30 – Topic 2: Vocal Improvisation

12-1:00 PM – LUNCH / Networking

1:00 PM – Reading Session 2

1:30 PM – Teacher Choir Rehearsal 2

2:15 PM – Topic 3: Basics of Jazz Theory / Piano

2:45 PM – BREAK

3:00 PM – Teacher Choir Recording Session / Recording 101

3:45 PM – Summit Wrap-Up

4:00 PM – optional “Graduate Seminar” (off site dinner hang!)

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